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Forget dating. It's time to go steady.

The perfect wide pant. The tunic that works with everything. And the flattering yet forgiving occasion dress that will win you compliments, time and again. Welcome to CRUZ&PEPITA and a wardrobe that transcends seasons and defies looking dated. Our motto? "Ethical elegance never goes out of style."


Warning: Rude Language.

Pardon our French, but #f*ckfastfashion is at the heart of what we do. We believe that the talented craftspeople who make your clothes should be treated fairly and that the whole fashion industry needs to reduce waste. We do our utmost to achieve these goals so that you can feel as good as you look in our clothes.


Chic & Feminine, not Frou-Frou.

Even if you live in athleisure - especially if you live in athleisure - we’d like to show you another way. A beautiful way. With a few of our easy-to-wear, easy-to-pack and surprisingly easy-to-care-for pieces, you can transform your norm into something sassy and classy. We invite you to feel chic and feminine without the added frill. 


Spoiler Alert: There's no Cruz.

CRUZ&PEPITA was founded by Pepita Diamand, former fashion journalist and dot-com entrepeneur who, upon moving to Paris in 2010, discovered that so much of what is sold as "French luxury" is made by cheap labour elsewhere. Her heartfelt desire to help resurrect the dying ateliers of her adopted homeland is the inspiration behind our brand. Bienvenue to a better way to dress beautifully.


To keep waste and weight to a minimum, your purchase will be wrapped without a lot of fussy packaging but with a lot of love.


FREE world-wide delivery on all orders over €400 with one of our trusted shipping partners. See FAQs for details.


Our garments have been specially priced to be fair to the people who make them and to the people who wear them. That's you!