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After an eternity of lockdowns and travel bans, it finally feels like we’re getting back to normal, with the world opening up and long-postponed vacations starting to take off. 

Don't forget the sea turtles

Yet as we plan our next trip by ogling travel feeds and clicking through busy booking sites, it’s all too easy to forget some of the most widely shared images from those months of enforced staycations: of majestic animals roaming city centers, endangered sea turtles finding their way back to empty beaches and honeybees buzzing where they haven’t been for years.

Sustainable tourism is more important than ever before and the industry has a unique opportunity to craft a new normal, one that is better for the environment and ultimately, better for us.

I prefer a Toto

Does that mean swapping plush hotel suites for A-frame tents?  Not for me, thanks. I am not big into bugs and prefer a Toto to a leaf behind a tree.  But even jet-setters can do things to mitigate our impact without impinging our love of luxury.

As the founder of a luxury fashion brand that strives to be sustainable, I’d like to share with you my top tips for travelling more responsibly, without sacrificing style.

  • Avoid destinations that are experiencing over-tourism. Too many people and over-development leaves no room for nature to survive, let alone thrive.
  • Stay in one place. Flying between 7 cities in 10 days is extremely polluting.  Instead, kick back, relax and stay a while – getting to know a destination is much more rewarding than using it as a backdrop for a few quick selfies.
  • Offset your carbon footprint by donating money to a tree planting organisation (like One Tree Planted) every time you fly.
  • Avoid airbnb's. City-centre airbnb’s can make renting or owning an apartment for residents very expensive and difficult.  Instead, opt for a sustainable boutique hotel that gives back to the local community.
  • Take your own travel-size beauty products. Even the swankiest hotel minis are rarely good for your balayage and all that plastic waste is never good for the planet.
  • If you do find yourself immersed in unnecessary amenities, considering sharing them with those in need:
  • Fight the urge to shop for fast-fashion fixes before you go.  The garment industry, is, after all, one of the most wasteful and polluting in the world. Instead, invest in a few luxurious, easy-to-pack pieces that are timelessly styled and sustainably made.


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